Childhood memories and personality

Each of us would have childhood memories in our lives. all it will not be easily forgotten even perhaps our lifetime. all memories can create a personality that will affect all sorts of factors which we will live life to the adult. family and environmental conditions can also promote changes in personality

Many behaviors, actions, habits, which occur due to childhood memories, whether good or bad. as an example we take from people who have sexual deviations during childhood by an adult male. many cases show will affect the personality in adulthood. for men may prefer same sex. or women who experienced rape while still a minor, will cause great fear, especially to men, so tend to like each other.

But if you have something that is happy, the result may be different as well. pleasant childhood memories might be more useful lessons so that we can use in the next life. as an example of happiness obtained in the family who prefers love in daily life. because the religion itself teaches believers to love one another, although their own enemy
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