Selecting an insurance company

Many insurance companies based in Indonesia with so many products they offer. each competing firm looking for customers who want to use their services.program of services offered vary. for example, there are moves in the field of education, health, investment or all three.
Before you take, you should know the past performance of the company. see in terms of benefits. how the claim process on investment returns, whether slow or smooth, how the services they provide if we had to be hospitalized, and many more.

I also heard many insurance companies that commit fraud against its own customers, for example in the claim process takes too long and not in accordance with which they promised

Based on the survey I did of the 10 respondents, most of them choose an insurance company that provides investment services and also has health insurance. because in today's health care is very expensive. then a new education for those who already have children, so that later we do not bother to think about the cost of education to college. For those of you who wish to obtain benefits and services from one insurance company should choose according to the amount of the premium we are able to pay and what services will we get from the insurance company
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