Evil forces or santet in Indonesian

A few days ago I met my friend who suffered health problems, headache, stiff neck and fever. she told me was more than 2 weeks she felt the symptoms of disease He went to doctors and laboratory examination, blood pressure, and the results showed no indication of anything.

Based on her story, I tried to help by bringing him to the people who have supernatural abilities in treating and curing. Apparently, the pain imposed to her by using black magic or in indonesian called santet. Prayer and prostration to the god done to dispel the evil forces that have been entered into the body of my friend. Burning sensation caused by the forces of evil to make his body limp, not concentrating on the job, pale and unable to speak.

When people use the Internet and other high technology, there are those who use evil forces to harm friends, relatives. Are they not afraid of sin and God? or just the way it solved the problem in this life
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