Survive to Thrive ~ Philip H. Geier

In Survive to Thrive: Sustaining Yourself, Your Brand and Your Business from Recession to Recovery, Phil Geier, Advertising-Hall-of-Famer and former Chairman and CEO of Interpublic Group, explains the key business principles that will help you navigate the current downturn, position yourself for future success—and apply the most relevant lessons learned by leading marketers and brands in every economic cycle from the Great Depression to today. 
At a time when it’s more important than ever to approach every business challenge with the right combination of creativity and clear thinking, Survive to Thrive is a book that can help you:
  • Maintain your long-term vision while adapting to your current reality
  • Use strategic creativity to build brands and grow market share
  • Understand when to innovate and when to stick with the “tried-and-true”
  • Communicate your corporate strategy and execute it with discipline
  • Motivate your people and inspire your customers
  • Better appreciate all the opportunities that life—as well as business—may offer you
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