Boost your confidence

It is well known fact that people who are confident achieve more in life. There are many facets to confidence but the fact is this, when you are confident you perform better.

When it comes to learning to talk to girls, understand that it is a lifelong process and patience is key to your success, but how do you start a conversation with that cute girl in class? Boosting your confidence is the only way to get the courage.

First, be sure to look everyone in the eye when you talk to them. Even if you ask someone what time it is, be sure to look them in the eye and hold their gaze. Eye contact is one way to communicate confidence, even if you don't feel it inside. People trust you when you look them in the eye.

Second, think of compliments for everyone around you, then tell them what you notice about them that's good. Start with your parents and teachers. They will be happy to get the compliments, and you'll start to build the confidence you need to compliment the girls in your class. Sharing compliments helps everyone's self-confidence grow!

By the way be sincere in your compliments; honestly look for what you enjoy in another human being. If you are being false you may be called out, additionally because you are being false you may be worried that you will get called out and fear will harm your confidence.

When you start looking people in the eye and offering compliments, you'll find people pay more attention to you. They will respect you and your opinions. Your new confidence will help you meet new friends, and it will even help you catch the eye of the girls you've been dying to talk to!

To conclude, the more friends you make the more opportunities you will have to meet the girl for you.

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