The source of Shvoong's  profits is advertising. The site distributes 10% of its profits to abstract writers.

We guarantee that you will be credited with a sum equal to the amount of money earned through commissions by each new member introduced by you (subject to the conditions set out below).

The Conditions

* For these purposes, a "New Member" is defined as an Internet user without a prior account with who establishes a new account with using the unique flyer code featured on your flyer. The unique flyer code allows us to track the commissions earned by your New Members and award you accordingly.

* The maximum amount of money you can earn per New Member is limited to $100.

* The number of New Members you can generate is unlimited.

* Payments to you will be made to the PayPal account you registered with on and will be subject to the Minimum Amount rule set out in's standard terms and conditions.

* reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time of its choosing – such termination will not effect your rights hereunder.

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